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Kaneie Silver Dragonfly Swords for Sale

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Kaneie Samurai Swords

Kaneie Swords for sale are built in traditional Japanese shapes and forged with modern steel construction. Crafted by Shanghai based Kaneie, this line features a functional cutting blade with an authentic design. Much of the steel and alloy fittings are sourced from Japan. Kaneie uses fine quality woods to carve the scabbard and handle and forms them for an exceptional fit. Buy these authentic and functional Japanese samurai swords meticulously crafted by Kaneie and designed for target cutting.

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Kaneie Katana Swords

Silver Dragonfly Katana Swords

Silver Dragonfly Katana Swords

Kaneie Swords:
Silver Dragonfly Katana Swords - T10 w/Hi
Kaneie Samurai Swords

Kaneie Silver Dragonfly Swords for sale are a light, long and fast samurai katana from the Menkyo Collection. The popular Menkyo Collection features swords that combine the techniques of ancient sword smiths with modern steel. They have a unique and highly detailed Choji hamon. The blade of the Silver Dragonfly is hand polished with stones in the traditional manner to a full art polish. The differentially hardened T10 blade is a light and fast cutter, with little niku, apple seed edge geometry, which makes them better suited for traditional cutting targets such as tatami. The Silver Dragonfly Swords are named for the silver colored and dragonfly themed menuki and kashira. The premium fittings include Japanese silk ito, steel tsuba and silver plated brass Fuchi and Kashira. These swords measure 40 ½ inches in all and have a sharpened 29 inch samurai katana style blade. The Kaneie Silver Dragonfly Swords have a 10 ¼ inch handle with a two bamboo Mekugi pins. These swords usually have the following specs: weight 2 pounds 2 ounces, 5 ½ inch Point of Balance and 1 inch Sori. They have an approximate guard thickness of 6.7mm and tip thickness of 4.5mm. They have an HRC Edge of 60 and HRC back of 40. The Silver Dragonfly has a steel tsuba, brass Habaki, Seppa and silver-plated brass Menuki. The Fuchi/Kashira is manufactured of silver-plated brass. They have a Japanese silk handle wrap, Japanese Rayon Silk Sageo and a genuine white Ray Skin Samegawa. They have a traditional Koiguchi made of Buffalo horn. Buy these beautiful Kaneie Silver Dragonfly Swords for $1299.99.

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