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Official Wheel of Time Sword

Movie Swords and officially licensed replicas for sale from some of Hollywood’s greatest films and television masterpieces. Swords Direct is pleased to present officially licensed movie swords, daggers and collectibles from movies such as the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, 300, Conan, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and more. Buy the officially licensed premium edition Rambo Knives and The Expendables Knives while they last. All major credit cards are accepted plus PayPal with low flat rate shipping.

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Heron Mark Swords

Wheel of Time:
Heron Mark Swords
Officially Licensed
Wheel of Time

Wheel of TimeHeron Mark Swords for sale are 42 inches in all. These fantasy swords are modeled after the Heron Mark Sword from The Wheel of Time and authorized and approved by Robert Jordan. The Heron Mark signifies that the swords were made by a blade master. They are only awarded to he has proven the highest possible skill with a sword. They have a very tough, hand forged, 32 inch long high carbon steel functional blade. The blade is 1 1/4th inch wide and 3/16th of an inch thick. These fantasy swords have excellent balance and include a scabbard. The Heron Mark features a genuine brass guard and real brass pommel. These swords weigh 2 pounds 12 ounces. They are official replicas from The Wheel of Times series and include a Certificate of Authenticity. Buy the Heron Mark Swords for $269.99.

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