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Pirate Jack Swords with Scabbard

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Pirate Jack Swords with Custom Pirate Scabbard

Pirate Swords for sale are available in a variety of designs. Decorative and display cutlasses are light and an ideal choice for awards and ceremonies. Cutlasses and cupped handle designs are popular for costumes, pirate themed weddings and for stage. Buy all types of pirate swords, scimitars and cutlasses for display and reenactment all on sale now.

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Pirate Jack  Swords

Pirates of the high Seas Swords:
Pirate Jack Swords
Weathered Finish Blade
Custom Scabbard
Customer Favorite

Captain Jack Pirate Swords for sale are 35 7/8th inches in all. The sharpened 28 1/8th inch blades are manufactured of stainless steel. What sets this pirate sword apart from the others is the antiqued colored blade, which almost appears as though it is black. This coloring creates an authentic pirate appearance. These traditional details make this cutlass a great piece for a movie display. The handle is crafted of faux black leather with a wire wrap. And, what pirate sword would be complete without the Jolly Roger Skull and crossbones adorn the scabbard. These pirate swords feature authentic details with a mightiness fit for any pirate or marauding raider. Buy these popular Captain Jack Pirate Swords for $89.99.

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