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Functional Zatoichi Stick Swords

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Blind Swordsman Zatoichi Stick Swords

Stick Swords for sale include a variety of designs like Nodachi and Japanese Shirasaya. These swords typically lack a tsuba. They fit into their scabbard and appear to be a single piece of wood or stick. Other stick swords for sale include movie swords like the Blind Samurai Zatoichi and Blind Fury movie swords. Buy all types of stick swords from all of the popular manufacturers.

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Zatoichi Stick Swords - Forged Steel

Zatoichi Stick Swords:
Zatoichi Stick Swords
Forged High-Carbon Blade
Natural Wood Handle/Saya
Superior Quality
Stick Swords

Zatoichi Stick Swords for sale measure 42 ¾ inches in all. There is a straight 28 ¼ inch sharpened samurai katana blade contained in this natural hardwood walking stick. The functional blade is made of 1566 forged high carbon steel. The 11inch handle and scabbard are made of matching natural hardwood which gives it a seamless appearance as though it is merely a walking stick or cane. These swords are modeled after the sticks carried by Zatoichi, the Blind Samurai from Japanese films, Anime and TV shows and similar to the stick sword featured in the movie Blind Fury. These stick swords weigh approximately 1 pound, 11 ounces. Buy these Zatoichi Stick Swords for $289.99.

Stick Swords

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