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Steampunk Masks, Swords and Collectibles

Steampunk masks, swords and collectibles for sale incorporate aspects of science fiction, fantasy and 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery. Now on sale are belts and masks from the Steampunk web series, The Archangel, and Sci-Fi swords such as the Airship Captain Katana. Buy all kinds of Steampunk and Cosplay swords, belts and Sci-Fi accessories now on sale.

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Archangel Fiberglass Mask

Archangel Fiberglass Mask
Customer Favorite

Archangel Fiberglass Masks for sale are available in one size. These Archangel Masks are manufactured of fiberglass and feature real metal screen over the eyes. They look like the mask the Steampunk vigilante, The Archangel™ would have worn while protecting the streets of 19th century London. The weathered and antique bronze color is achieved through the use of paint on the fiberglass. Buy the Fiberglass Archangel Masks which have adjustable straps for a custom fit for Cosplay and more for $119.99.

Archangel Mark II Fiberglass Mask

Archangel Mark II Fiberglass Mask
Customer Favorite

Archangel Mark II Fiberglass Masks for sale are available in one size. These Archangel Masks are manufactured of fiberglass and feature real metal screen inset over the eye holes. They are molded from the mask used in the popular web series The Archangel™. The fiberglass is painted to achieve the weathered, antique bronze finish. They feature adjustable straps to ensure a custom fit. Buy the Fiberglass Archangel Mark II Masks for Cosplay for $119.99.

Archangel Utility Belt

Archangel Utility Belts
Customer Favorite

Steampunk Utility Belts for sale are 48 inches overall. From the web series This Archangel™, this Steampunk Utility Belt is high quality, real aged brown leather. The belt features two functional pouches, dual D-ring hangers, a miniature spring-clip, a map band and period sword hanger. They fit size 32 inch to 42 inch waists. They are highly configurable and accented with antique brass hardware. Buy the Steampunk Utility Belt, designed from The Archangel™ for $119.99.

Airship Captain’s Katana

Airship Captain’s Katana Swords
Customer Favorite

Airship Captain’s KatanaAirship Captain Katana Swords for sale are 39 inches in all. The Airship Captain Katanas are functional swords with a forged, high carbon steel blade. The blade is 26 inches, 1 1/8th inch wide, and 3/16th of an inch thick. The tsuba is manufactured of steel gears that are plated in antique brass. The gears of the tsuba will spin manually with a push of the finger. The handle is wrapped in non-slip real suede. Hidden underneath the antique brass butt cap is a functional compass. The scabbard of the Airship Captain Katana Swords is finished with matching antique brass and features two hanging rings. These swords are handmade and weigh 3 pounds 3 ounces. Buy the Airship Captain Swords, a genuine functional Steampunk katana for $189.99.

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