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The Generals Samurai Sword Series

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Generals Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Shingen and Date Masamune Swords

The Generals Series are inspired by the legends of feudal Japan. These beautiful katanas pay homage to some of history’s greatest Japanese warriors. The swords feature motifs like the sword of the One-Eyed Dragon of Oshu Date Masamune, the katana of Takeda Shingen and the katana of Oda Nobunaga. They all have functional, sharpened forged carbon steel blades and real ray skin.

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Date Masamune Katana

The Generals Sword Series:
Date Masamune Katana
Forged Steel Blade
Brown Suede Wrapped Handle
Includes Custom Saya
Samurai Helmets

Date Masamune Katana Sword is 40 5/8th inches in all and weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces. From the popular Generals Series by Hanwei, this katana features the motif of the One-Eyed Dragon of Oshu Date Masamune. The 27 ¼ inch forged steel blade has a prominent and deep hamon and is well-balanced for cutting. The tsuba is engraved with a depiction of Date Masamune holding a war fan. The blade side of the tsuba features soldiers. The kashira is embossed with a blackened one-eyed dragon which is contrasted by the kashira with a gold embossed falcon. The 12 ¼ inch handle features a traditional brown suede wrap over white ray skin. The detailed gold menuki features Date’s kabuto on one side with his breastplate and shoulder armor on the other side. The black textured scabbard has a brown cotton sageo and buffalo horn kurikata and kojiri. The blade steel is 65mn, HRC edge is 60 and HRC back is 40. Buy the Date Masamune Katana Sword for $599.99.

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Takeda Shingen Katana

The Generals Sword Series:
Takeda Shingen Katana
Forged Steel Blade
Black Cotton Over Ray Skin Handle
Includes Custom Saya
Samurai Helmets

From the Generals Series, these Takeda Shingen Katana Swords measure 40 ½ inches in all and weigh 2 pounds 7 ounces. This handsome sword features a Takeda Shingen motif capturing in steel the Japanese legend of many names, the Tiger of Kai, Shinano no Kami. The sword features a 27 1/8th inch forged steel blade. The tsuba depicts Takeda wielding a war fan on one side. The reverse side of the tsuba has the Takeda clan motto of wind, forest, fire and mountain. The 12 3/8th inch handle is traditionally wrapped in black cotton over real white ray skin. A finely detailed gold tiger is depicted on the kashira. Contrasting the tsuka are the gold Takeda mon menuki and the silver seppa and habaki. The textured red scabbard has a black sageo and buffalo horn kurikata and kojiri. The blade steel is 65mn. The Hrc edge is 60 and Hrc back is 40. Buy the Takeda Shingen Katana Swords for $599.99.

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Oda Nobunaga Samurai Sword

The Generals Sword Series:
Oda Nobunaga Katana
Forged T10 Steel
Includes Custom Saya
Out of Stock - No ETA
Samurai Helmets

Oda Nobunaga Katana Swords are from the Generals Series by Hanwei and measure 39 5/8th inches in all and weigh 2 pounds 6 ounces. This beautiful sword commemorates Oda Nobunaga and features a 27 inch forged T10 steel blade. The functional, sharpened blade has a prominent hamon and hi which ensures the sword is quick and light. The HRC Edge is 60 and HRC Back is 40. The beautiful curved symmetry flows from the 1inch kissaki to the kashira. The Oda Nobunaga motif continues through to the tsuba which features his engraved likeness on the front. The reverse, blade side of the tsuba depicts two soldiers with yari subduing an enemy. The fuchi is embossed with a gold flintlock and powder bag. Embossed in silver and gold is a finely detailed rendering of Oda’s kabuto, or helmet. The 11 ½ inch handle is traditionally wrapped in green Japanese cotton over black dyed same (ray skin). The deep green lacquered scabbard has a black cotton sageo and buffalo horn kurikata and kojiri. Buy the Oda Nobunaga Katana Swords for $999.99.

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