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Ten Ryu Katana Sword Set for Sale

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Ten Ryu Swords for Sale

Ten Ryu swords for sale are handmade using traditional Japanese methods such as hand sharpening and hand forging. The result of using this traditional Japanese sword making process is a durable and functional full tang sword. The high carbon steel blades are heat treated and cooled in order to provide both strength and flexibility. Ten Ryu even hand fits each blade to the scabbard to create a truly secure fit. Buy these popular Ten Ryu swords on sale now.

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Ten Ryu Katana Sword Set for sale includes both a samurai sword and a throwing knife. The samurai katana measures 40.9 inches in all with a sharpened 28 inch blade. The functional blade is made of hand sharpened, hand forged 1045 carbon steel and features a blood groove. The handle features a traditional Japanese cord wrap and genuine ray skin. These full tang samurai swords feature a brass habaki. The tsuba and menuki are made of cast zinc alloy. They also include a brown lacquered scabbard that has been custom fit to each of these katanas. The scabbard also contains a small matching throwing knife. Buy the Ten Ryu Katana Sword Set for $89.99.

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