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1860 Navy Cutlass Swords for Sale

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Navy Swords for Sale

Military swords for sale include army, marine and navy sabres. Buy and shop this popular category for all types of cavalry, officer and artillery swords. This collection includes modern dress sabres and historical replicas. Reproductions offered for sale range from Revolutionary War, US Civil War and present day issue to artillery, Confederate and CSA Officer swords and more. We are proud to be a preferred military supplier.

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1860 US Navy Cutlass Swords

Military Swords:
1860 U.S. Navy Cutlass Swords

1860 U.S. Navy Cutlass Swords for sale are similar to real swords used by the US Military. This version of the 1860 US Naval Cutlass is modeled after the sword that was used by the US Military on Navy ships during the historical period before the Civil War. These swords have a 25 ½ inch blade that is manufactured of high carbon steel. The Naval Cutlass swords measure 31 ½ inches total length in all. They have a wire wrapped handle with a large basket style hand guard. Lastly, these swords feature leather covered, cast metal scabbards. Buy the 1860 U.S. Navy Cutlass Swords for a terrific gift for anyone interested in US military memorabilia for $79.99.


Battle of bunker hill Swords

Military Swords:
1776 Battle of Bunker Hill Swords

1776 Battle of Bunker Hill Swords for sale are modeled after a real military sword that was used during this famous Revolutionary War battle. This modern version of these historic swords measures 30 inches in all. They have a 24 inch blade that is made of high carbon steel. These popular swords have a gold colored steel guard and handle. These 1776 Battle of Bunker Hill Swords feature a leather covered scabbard. The scabbard has matching gold colored metal fittings. Buy 1776 Battle of Bunker Hill Swords for $69.99.

Sword Specials
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