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Combination Grit Waterstone for Sale

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Sword Care and Blade Maintenance

Sword Care Supplies for sale are made to enhance all types of blades. Maintenance kits include supplies to keep blades clean, benchstones and water stones for sharpening, sword oil for inhibiting rust and polishing cloths and pastes to keep blades clean. Buy all types of sword maintenance supplies on sale now.

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Sword Care

Sword Care:
Norton Waterstone
Combination Grit
4000/8000 Grit

Norton Combination Waterstone Sword Sharpener for sale has 4000/8000 Grit. These combination waterstones create abrasive slurry which is used to sharpen swords and blades. Compared to oilstones, waterstones require less pressure for sharpening,. These Japanese waterstones measure 8 inches, by 3 inches by 1 inch. They feature 4000 grit on one side. The 4000 grit is used for maintaining and refining. The opposite side of the blade has 8000 grit which is used for polishing sword blades and steel cutting edges. The waterstones clean more easily than oilstones as they use water as a lubricant as opposed to oil and they are a synthetic stone which is made to be softer than oilstones. The removable blue plastic box lid features non slip rubber feet which permit the box lid to be used as a sharpening station to hold the waterstone. Buy the Norton Pike Combination Waterstone Sword Sharpener for $99.99.

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