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Medieval Swords for sale are available in a variety of different styles. Popular items in this category include battle ready, functional, display and collectible designs. Most have historical details or are based off of real swords. Buy all kinds of medieval swords now on sale.

Sword Specials

Scottish Broadswords

Scottish Swords:
Scottish Broadswords
Scottish Swords

Cold Steel Scottish Broad Swords are 37 3/4" overall. It has a 31 1/2" battle ready sharpened 1050 carbon steel single edged blade with blood groove. Black leather wire wrapped handle and blued steel basket hilt with red cloth liner. Wood and leather scabbard with blued steel tip and throat.


Scottish Claymore Swords

Scottish Broadswords:
Scottish Claymore Broadswords
Scottish Swords

Mainstay of the Highland warriors of the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Claymore had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period. Typically of longsword length, this versatile weapon could deliver great sweeping slashes or powerful thrusts. Replicated from a surviving museum piece the Hanwei Claymore is classic in its design, with distinctive sloping quillons terminating in quatrefoils and a high-collared quillon block with langets following the blade fuller. The leather-covered grip is topped by a globate pommel. This version of the sword has an antiqued finish, closely replicating that of the original museum piece. The grip is leather-covered.


Hand and a Half Swords

Viking Broadswords:
Hand-and-a-Half Swords
Viking Swords

Hand-and-a-Half Swords are 44 1/2 inches overall. These swords have a 35" unsharpened steel blade with blood groove. Black leather wrapped handle with nickel silver finish cross guard and sculpted wheel pommel. Black leather scabbard with nickel silver finish tip and throat. Fully functional swords.


Great Sword of War

Medieval Broadswords:
Great Sword of War
Medieval Swords

The Great Sword of War is sharpened and have an overall overall length of 47 5/8", it has a blade length of 35 7/8", a handle length of 11" and weighs 3lb 14oz. This sword is designed and crafted purely as a cutting sword and, weighing in at a little less than four pounds, it is built to excel on heavy targets. The 11" grip provides excellent leverage and static and dynamic balance are to Tinker demanding standards. The blade is again forged in 5160 and marquenched to HRC50-52. The hilt is retained by Tinker signature recessed sleeve mounting system, providing secure retention and easy hilt tightening, using the Allen wrench provided.


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