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Black Ikazuchi Forged Damascus Katana Swords for Sale

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United Cutlery Swords for Sale

United Cutlery Swords are available in assorted styles. Officially Licensed movie swords including the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Movie Swords are available. Additionally, United Black offers functional Samurai Swords and Tachi Swords. The blade tang has an exclusive stamp that can only be found on a United Black sword blade.

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United Cutlery Swords

United Cutlery Swords:
Black Ikazuchi Forged Damascus Katana Swords
United Cutlery Swords

United Cutlery Swords for sale include the popular Black Ikazuchi Damascus Katana Sword. From the United Cutlery Black Collection, these Japanese samurai swords measure 41 ΒΌ inches in all. These swords have a 30 inch, functional, double-edged Damascus steel blade. The blades of the Black Ikazuchi Samurai Swords are heat forged and folded nine times to create 1792 layers of sharpened steel. This steel folding process results in eye-catching designs on the sharpened two-edged blade. The blade features laser engravings that translate from Japanese to United Strong Steel. These full-tang swords feature a hardwood handle that offers authentic ray skin with a traditional cord wrapping. The custom leather wrap of the sword is accented with stunning brass menuki and an ornamental, substantially-sized guard. The handsome Black Ikazuchi Damascus Samurai Katana swords also feature a hardwood scabbard that coordinates with the handle. Buy the Black Ikazuchi Damascus Samurai Katana swords produced by United Cutlery for a piece that offers functional beauty with modern day construction for $189.99.

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