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Cold Steel Swept Hilt Rapier Swords

Swords for Sale

Cold Steel Swords for Sale

Cold Steel Swords, Samurai Swords, Knives, Canes and Military Hardware for sale. These real swords measure up to their rigorous standards for quality and performance. Functional Military Swords and knives are available. Cold Steel designs are tried and true. These functional tools are the result of painstaking research and development. Cold Steel stands behind their products.

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Cold Steel Fencing Rapier

Cold Steel Fencing Rapier

Cold Steel Swords:
Swept Hilt Rapier Swords
Cold Steel Swords

Swept Hilt Rapier Swords for sale are truly unique fencing swords manufactured by Cold Steel. The lengthy but thin fully functional rapier blade is fully sharpened. The Swept Hilt Rapier features a vividly polished blade that contains a single broad fuller which assists in proving exceptional balance for the sword. The hilt features stainless steel materials and a classic ribbed shell. These swords also have multiple bars and quillons that provide exceptional hand protection. The grip is manufactured of wood wrapped with black ray skin and an attractive wire. Furthermore, the robust ribbed pommel creates an extraordinary counter balance to the long blade of the rapier. These swords measure 50 ½ inches overall and weigh 43.5 ounces. The 41 ½ inch functional blade is crafted of 1055 Carbon steel. The handle measures 9 inches. These swords also include a genuine leather scabbard with steel fittings. Buy the Swept Hilt Rapier Swords for a sword that combines an authentic fencing sword design with powerful Cold Steel construction for $399.99.

Sword Specials
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