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United Black Shikyo Forged Swords

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Bushido Swords, Bushido Wakizashi and Bushido Tanto

Bushido Swords from Hanwei, Masahiro and United Cutlery. Bushido, the Japanese word for Way of the Samurai, is represented in this category that includes authentic, hand-forged Japanese and Samurai Katanas. Some of the swords for sale can be disassembled for care and maintenance, though these sharp, real swords should be handled with care.

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United Cutlery Swords

United Cutlery Swords:
United Black Shikyo Forged Katana Swords
United Cutlery Swords

Bushido Swords from the United Cutlery Black Collection are a fine example of a traditional Japanese katana. The Shikyo Bushido katana measures 43 1/8 inches overall and features a mirror polished 29 ½ inch blade. The blade is crafted of heat-forged 1045 carbon steel with a heavy blood groove. The blade tang features the United Black stamp, a stamp that is only used on the blades of swords in the United Cutlery Black Collection. The hardwood handle offers black ray skin and custom leather wrap accented with brass menuki and a uniquely designed cast metal guard and pommel. These handsome Bushido swords for sale also include a hardwood sheath which features custom cloth cord wrapping that coordinates with the handle.


Sword Specials