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Hanwei Tactical Wakizashi Swords for Sale

Swords for Sale

Tactical Wakizashi by Hanwei Forge

Hanwei Swords in assorted styles for sale. These are functional Swords made by Hanwei. We carry the Tactical Katana Series, Practical Katana Swords, Musashi Katanas and other popular sword collections. Competitive cutting XL Katana blades are also available. These wide blades will reward good technique with clean cuts and excellent durability.

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Hanwei Tactical Wakizashi

Hanwei Katana Swords:
Tactical Wakizashi Swords
Hanwei Swords

Hanwei Tactical Wakizashi swords for sale are manufactured for vigorous outdoor use and built with tremendous strength. The original design concept was based upon the blade geometry and outstanding cutting capability of the Paul Chen Raptor series wakizashi swords. Hanwei improved upon this design with the tactical wakizashi by using full tang construction and plasma coating the 20 inch, 5160 high-carbon spring steel blade. The plasma coating adds an additional defense against corrosion. The checkered 8 ½ inch Kraton handle provides superior gripping ability. The scabbard of the tactical wakizashi is crafted of fiberglass which deters water absorption and decreases carrying weight. In keeping with the concept of creating a tactical wakizashi, Hanwei incorporated numerous lanyard holes and included ParaCord to supply additional carrying and backpack attachment opportunities. Tactical Wakizashi swords measure 31 inches overall and weigh approximately 1lb 14 oz.


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