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Kit Rae Axios Sword Canes for Sale

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Sword Canes, Movie Replicas, Walking Sticks, and Zatoichi Swords for sale in a variety of styles and sizes. These unique items are great corporate and executive gifts. We carry decorative cane swords to fully functional tools for self defense. Movie sword canes and elegant walking sticks are also available in polypropylene construction and all steel versions. Buy these popular items for as little as $24.99.

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Kit Rae Sword Canes

Sword Canes:
Kit Rae Axios Sword Canes
Sword Canes

Kit Rae Axios Sword Canes for sale are made by United Cutlery. This sword cane offers beautiful details. The blade measures 23 inches in all. The sharpened, functional blade is manufactured of 1045 high carbon steel and is imprinted with intricate scrollwork designs. The Kit Rae Axios Sword Canes have a hardwood cane shaft that is painted black with coordinating accents. The popular Axios Sword Canes have rayskin and leather wrappings on the handle and measure 39 inches in all. The blade of the Axios Sword Canes is released through a quick blade-release mechanism. The substantial handle is manufactured of cast metal with heavy metal fittings and a heavy metal hilt. The handle construction makes gripping comfortable and secure. Buy the Kit Rae Axios Sword Canes $129.99.

Sword Canes

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