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Military Swords for sale include all types of designs. The most popular swords include light and heavy cavalry sabers, officer and NCO swords. Buy all types of swords and sabers from modern US Military issue to historical Union and Confederate designs on sale now. We are proud to be a preferred military supplier for over 21 years.

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US Dragoon Cavalry Swords

Military Swords:
US Dragoon Cavalry Swords
High Carbon Steel Blade
Military Swords
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US Dragoon Cavalry SwordsUS Dragoons Swords for sale are 39 inches in all. These Dragoons Swords are inspired by real sabers used by the 1st and 2nd US Dragoon Regiments of the US Military. They were used during military operations in the Second Seminole War, the South-West Indian Wars and the Mexican War. This contemporary version features a functional 1065 high carbon steel blade that is inscribed with United States Dragoons written in script. The well tempered full tang 34 inch blade is 1 1/8th inch wide and ΒΌ inch thick. They have a real black leather wrapped grip that is twisted in genuine brass wire. They have a solid brass hilt and a steel scabbard that features two rings so it can be attached to a saber belt. These military swords are manufactured in India and weigh 1 pound 12 ounces. Buy the US Dragoon Swords for $149.99.

Sharpen This Sword - Add $20 - Price: $169.99

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