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Shinwa Purple Knight Katana Swords for Sale

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Shinwa Samurai Katana Swords

Shinwa Katana Swords with Damascus Steel. The blades are hand-forged and meticulously wrapped in thousands of layers of genuine Damascus steel, giving each blade its own, uniquely beautiful pattern. The steel tsubas are intricately detailed and the handles are completed in black ray skin and cord wrappings.

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Shinwa Katana Swords

Shinwa Katana Swords:
Purple Knight Katana Swords with Damascus Steel
Shinwa Katana Swords

Purple Knight Samurai Katana Swords for sale have a Damascus steel blade and a purple handle. These Japanese swords measure 38 ½ inches overall. The 27 ½ inch blade is straight and crafted of Damascus steel. Made by Shinwa, these Japanese swords feature an extremely sharp, straight katana blade. The Damascus steel blade is heat-forged at over 1000 degrees and folded to provide 2000 layers of extraordinary slicing strength. Consistent with the design of authentic samurai katanas, these swords have a substantial blood groove on the functional blade. The handle is crafted of hardwood and features authentic ray skin with purple nylon cord wrap and a brass menuki. The tsuba is made of cast zinc metal. These popular katanas also include a matching scabbard. Buy these Purple Knight Samurai Katana Swords for a functional and tremendously sharp, real samurai sword for $99.99.


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