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Medieval swords for sale include all types of popular designs. Whether you want to shop for a display sword, cutting sword or for a battle ready reenactment sword, numerous options are available. Display pieces for sale include the legendary Excalibur and the swords of the Knights Templar and Robin Hood. Functional medieval replicas available include Viking and Norman designs. Buy all styles of medieval swords from this great collection.

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Medieval Daggers
Medieval War Dagger

War Daggers
Medieval Daggers

Item Number: MDL54179
Handmade Item

Overall Length: 20"
Blade Length: 12"
Handle Length: 8"
Handle Grip: 5"
Cross Guard: 3.5"
Weight: 1lb. 3oz.
Blade Type: Full Tang
Blade Material: Tempered Hand Hammer Forged High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Custom Finger Grooved Macassar Ebony Wood
Sheath Included: Custom Genuine Brown Leather Scabbard

Medieval War Dagger:This attractive handmade, functional medieval dagger is 20" overall. This dagger features a 12 inch tempered, full tang, fully sharpened, high carbon steel blade. It has a custom finger grooved Macassar Ebony Wood handle. The classic style guard, pommel and all fittings are made of solid steel for durability. A custom brown leather sheath is included.


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